Get Creative With Craft Beer

Anything great comes in packs of two. You have your mouth watering, finger licking good BBQ and now you have a decision to make...what craft beer to pair with your dish?

A craft beer consists of hops, malts, yeast or water set to enhance the taste of your food. According to the Brewers Association, 71 percent of craft beer purchasers said that a craft beer "complements their meal." What draws consumers to acraft beer can vary from flavor, aroma, appearance and feel. When it comes to pairing, perception is based on an individual's liking; however, there are some general tricks to the trade in pairing different meats and beers together. 

Below is an infographic created by to determine what foods pair well together. If you like your BBQ sweet or a bit spicy, a toasty or malty porter would be a great option to try. If you are a hamburger kind of guy/gal then an IPA would be a good duo. Get creative and see what you like. With over thousands of small independent breweries in the US, there are many options to suit your fancy!

Are you ready to add BBQ Craft Beer Expert to your resume? Let's see what you come up with!

Stan Riley

Barrel & Boar, 5251 N. Hamilton Rd., Columbus, Ohio 43230, United States